Corsuit Tool Trains Swimmers' Core Muscles Like a Full Body Suit

The now banned polyurethane and neoprene swimsuits, while making wearers slick as a fish, also helped swimmers perform better through increased core stability. The Corsuit training concept could help swimmers build core strength—without violating regulations. » 12/28/10 1:40am 12/28/10 1:40am

@Standish: I have a pair of tickets I'm selling for $40—each ticket was $20 ($18 plus one of those lovely service/convenience charges). 7pm Metreon showing in San Francisco. » 12/17/10 3:23pm 12/17/10 3:23pm

These Dominoes Aren't for Toppling Over—They Tell the Time

Leave the domino effect to books, people, and well, real dominoes. In Carbon Design's Domino Clock, the black dots silently switch to white dots to indicate the time, functioning similar to a digital clock (except with oversized dominoes). » 12/14/10 11:20pm 12/14/10 11:20pm